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Gate of Heaven Ministries found in the year 2011. God has given a vision to Rev. J V Samson (Founder and President ) to start this ministry according to Genisis 28:17. The purpose of this Ministry is to spread the word of God and reach the unreached. God is performing wonders in the last days. This website will be a blessing to many souls. God is delivering many people from the bondages of sickness, witchcraft, Evil Spirits, Demon possessed, Black Magic, Sorcery, financial problems and many healings are taking place like Kedney problems, Cancer, skin diseases and many more. God is using Rev J V Samson since 1999 for His Glory. From this website many souls will be added into the kingdom of God. This is the Prophetic Ministry proclaiming  the Power of God. Personal Evangelism is focused in this Ministry. Councelling, Teaching and Outreach is also part of this Ministry. God has given a church after 40 days fasting prayers done by Rev J V Samson near Madhur, RangaReddy Dist. This Church was closed for nearly 20 years. In March 2013 this church was re-opened and dedicated to Jesus Christ. Sunday Worships commenced and many souls adding to this church.

Apart from above this Ministry is doing phone Ministry named as "Hello Jesus Ministries" many prayer warriors are praying over phone using conference call and the word of God is shared through Phone to villages. God is doing miracles using this phone Ministry.
As per Jermaiah 20:9 "But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay". This inspirational verse makes us buden to spread the word of God. We cannot stay when the fire is shut up in our bones. The Power of God moves us to proclaim His word. As you read this God is touching you.  Be a part of this Ministry and be Blessed.


  • A Division of ELIM MINISTRIES

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